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Our Oil and Gas Jobs Guidebook provides you full access to the global upstream oil and gas industry. With the guidebook as your reference in pursuing an oil and gas career path, you will have an enormous advantage over other oil industry job seekers.


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This book is essential to anyone seeking a job in Canada, USA, the Middle East, Australia, and the North Sea.


  • Pipeline Job Opportunities
  • Offshore Oil Rig Jobs
  • Onshore Oil Field Jobs (Middle East)
  • Oil Refinery Jobs / Oil Sands (Canada)

All the Oil & Gas Jobs

What jobs are available...

Just like any other jobs, employment opportunities in the oil industry are plenty and there are many more in certain countries compared to certain other countries. So if you are seeking for the opportunity, you must look for it in the right places. We'll help you become an oil job expert. Know where to apply for jobs, where to look for them, who is hiring.
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Oil & Gas Engineers
Materials Technicians

Roustabout & Roughnecks & Drilling

Health & Safety



Oil companies hire all year round. Become an oil job industry insider with the oil job guidebook in order to help you land the job you're looking for!

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Note from Karl Dittmann: You could attempt to learn this by trial and error on your own, but I assure you it will be a MUCH more costly "education" than the oneI'm offering you today for a very reasonable price.

"The oil job guide saved me a lot of time in finding the job that fit my skill set. I'm now happily settled in my work here in Texas."

Jonas Gertz

Geologist, Texas, USA

"Even though there are lots of oil jobs out there, I found it difficult at first to figure out how to exactly go about finding on oil industry job. The Oil Job Guide helped me right away!"

Tim Decker

Marine Engineer, Calgary, Canada

"There is tonnes of useful info and some real gems in the oil job guide. Definitely made my life a whole lot easier."

Edword Hasselbeck

Roughneck/Roustabout, Middle East

"Our family wanted to relocate to Qatar and Dubai. The oil guide made the whole process of finding a new job a lot easier. Thanks."

Anton Kozlov

Fabricator, in Qatar (Middle East)

"I'm now working in the North Sea on an oil rig as an engineer. In large part the oil job guide put me on the right track to land this job."

Sebastian Telk

Rig Engineer, North Sea (UK)

"I almost gave up on my job search, but when i came across this book I was so thrilled. It certainly helped to a job I am really happy with. All I can say is, some of the best money I ever spent."

Davey Drummond

Oil Rig Worker, Perth, Australia

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