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Fort McMurray Job

Fort McMurray, the largest city in 'Athabascan oil sands country', About 450 kilometres northeast of Edmonton,is in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and close to the Saskatchewan border. This region extends from north central Alberta to Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. The total area of the Regional Municipality of Wood uffalo (42,535 miles; 68,454 kilometers) ranks is one of the largest municipal areas in North America.

Built on what is believed to be the largest oil reserve outside of Saudi Arabia, Fort McMurray is home to vast oil sands that contain a sticky, black substance called bitumen, which, under the right process, can be refined into oil.In Fort McMurray there is 30km square of these oil sands. Since Fort McMurray boasts of its luxurious oil sands, this town greatly participated in developing the petroleum business of Canada. In the 20th century, numerous oil explorations occurred in the village and it was in 1921 that people developed McMurray's oil industry. A refining plant that would separate the sands from the oil that was created. The first bulk tests was led by the firm Alcan Oil Company and in 1925, the residents of Fort McMurray first experienced to ride train. In the 1930's, the company Abasands Oil became successful in isolating oil from the sands. The village's potential to produce oil was recognized by the Canadian and U.S. forces hence, during the World War I, Fort McMurray was the Canol project's staging ground.

Oil companies from around the globe are still scrambling to get their share. They set up plants worth billions of dollars. The two largest oil sand mining companies are Syncrude and Suncor Energy. In 1967, the Great Canadian Oil Sands (now Suncor) plant opened and Fort McMurray's growth took off afterwards. The population of the town reached 6,743 by 1971 and climbed swiftly to 30,772 by 1981, a year after its incorporation as a city.

With the petroleum industry as prominent as it is locally, it should come as no surprise that the city's slogan is "We have the Energy!" Besides the oil sands, the economy also relies on natural gas and oil pipelines, forestry and tourism.

As the city is growing in leaps and bounds with the increased oil business, numerous people are employed here to support their families. Fort McMurray, is one place in Canada that can give you a job with sufficient salary and excellent benefits.

Residents and migrants of Fort McMurray are given more mine and marketplace jobs because of the continuous expansion of the oil sands operations of the various companies in the village. As the businesses in the hamlet grow, the opportunities for employment also increase. Oil sands production firms in Fort McMurray also offer works related to natural gas production, wind power, retail, and oil sands mining.


There are three kinds of employment in Fort McMurray that are seeing growth right now.

* Oilsands Mining Companies: these companies provide direct employment in trade, engineering, technology, management and administration.

* Contractors for Oilsands Companies: these companies provide employment through suppliers or contractors. For example, an oilsands company will often hire a contractor or a subcontractor for construction work. Contract workers can work either at an oilsands plant or mine, or at another location.

* Indirect Employment: growth in the oilsands creates community growth and an increased need for goods and services. For every oilsands job created in Fort McMurray, two jobs will be created in another industry.

There are high paying jobs in Fort McMurray, but you need the proper qualifications, training and education. Due to Fort McMurray's unabated economic success, the town can offer you unlimited job possibilities, rewarding salary, and safe and achievement-oriented workplace. If you want to be a part of building the economy of Fort McMurray, to meet your family's demands, and to realize and enhance your skills and potentials, then this is where you should be.



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