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Roughneck/Roustabout Jobs

Roughneck and roustabout, in particular, they are the official name of semi-skilled role on an oil rig. Some consider the terms interchangeable. In oilfields, roughneck and roustabout are two of several roles in the hierarchy on an oil rig. Roughneck and roustabout are entry-level jobs on an oil rig .
It may sound somewhat derogatory,the roughneck/roustabout usually performs semiskilled and unskilled manual labor that requires continual hard work in difficult conditions for many hours. A roughneck's duties could include anything involved with the connecting and "tripping" of pipe down the well bore, and the roughneck is the person when it comes to general work around the rig. No matter how you look at them, this position are an important part of any rig's operation. They could be on the worksite as part of the crew or brought in as temps to fill short-term needs.
Roughnecks/roustabouts are employed by drilling and well servicing contractors and by petroleum producing companies.

While those managing the operation may not express it often enough, they appreciate that roughnecks take care of a lot of cleaning, maintenance, painting, rust removal, and all kinds of other 'peripheral' tasks. With these things out of the way others on the crew can worry about getting the oil out of the ground efficiently and safely.

Remember, there are usually 3 or 4 crews per oil rig, all working eight or 12 hour shifts. There might be 2 roughnecks or roustabouts assigned to each of the crews. In a given day here's what a roughneck or roustabout might do:

* Assemble and repair oil field machinery and equipment
* use various types of equipment to dig ditches, post holes, pour concrete for slaps or securing posts, put together derricks
* keep the deck clean and clear of safety hazards
* handle, sort and move drill tools, pipe, cement and other materials
* moving equipment around the rig
* scrape rust
* paint
* connect sections of pipe for the well
* rig and sling loads being moved by the rig's crane, and
* The roughneck may drive truck to transport materials and well service equipment
* ... other duties as assigned!

Roughneck jobs are the grunts who do a lot of the dirty work. Regardless of what term is used the people in these jobs must be team players who energetic and conscientious.This particular job requires a great deal of co-ordination between your team. Additionally, hard physical effort is also required. The position is ideal for those with experience and knowledge with mechanics and welding.

Roughnecks who desire to move up to genuine crew positions will have ample opportunity. The key is to demonstrate an incredible work ethic, follow instructions, and learn as much as possible about how the rig operates.After roughnecks/roustabouts understand how the rig operates and demonstrates their work ethic, they may be promoted to other positions in the crew.

The Roughneck/roustabout job salary range is usually between $320 and $355 per day, or $43,000 and $47,000 per year.
Most Roughnecks receive the following benefits:
- an air fare paid by the oil rig company
- medical insurance
- meals, room and board



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